Words Are Poison To The Earth


I am a people watcher and sometimes I run into people that blow my mind with their total lack of respect for others.


I am truly sickened and insulted by what I read today, in my presence. A member of a league I am in, said, she got a call to say a native reservation was looking for food. Her answer to that, was she don’t give away anything, they are Indians, they can go and hunt for their food. – even to type that comment turns my stomach. I am ojibway native and will not associate with such ignorant people. Karma is a bitch and just maybe some day she will be hungry and the only person with food to share is a native, will she accept it then?.. This is racism and the worse kind is in our own backyards.

Comments I got from other members are…

*“Take a group of children, one Native American, one African American, one Caucasian, one Asian American, one Spanish American, one Arab American, and one Cuban American, all about three to four years old and tell them to go out and play. The astonishing fact is that they will play and have fun because racism is a learned trait not an inherited trait.”

*“Unbelievable how some people act.”


Then I got messaged by this member saying..

sorry — didn’t mean to offend you personally.”

I answered..

“I don’t think you realize what comments like that can do.. and yes to myself personally, my father was taken from his home and put in residential schools as a youngster.. but more than that.. when you say things like that, it is said against a nation of people.. and it teaches ignorance. I am blown away that you think saying such a thing in a public forum would of been ok..even to someone who is not native.”

Her last response was…

“everyone says things at one time or another that offends someone.  I said I was sorry and mean it.”


I don’t know the age of this person, but responsible adults have empathy and think before they open their mouths.

I pity her and all those who think like her.

People like this are the toxic that pollute our world.



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