Forgiveness & Sacrifice


I see myself as a spiritual being trying to be human and I am sure most of us has read that line some where at some time. I truly believe it. It’s the only explanation for why and how I have been able to tolerate the pain I have in my human life thus far.

Another tern I’ve been thinking of is.. ‘born to die”.. when I read that I think, how can I be born when I was never dead?

“Forgiving is a good thing, forgetting isn’t realistic. No one forgets the lesson or the teacher.” ~ Snowy

On a television show.. Saturday Night Live.. Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul 11 and NBC received 4,484 complaints. But the most severe complaint come from the Vatican, which used its clout to force NBC to edit out the ripping in reruns.

O’Connor has since been ordained as a minister.


The lesson of this story is?.



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