Crossing Over Painlessly!

Crossing Over Painlessly!

I don’t recall where I heard it or read it, but I do believe it.

On our journey to the other side.. I have a hard time using the word, die, because I don’t believe we die.

So, on our journey to the other side as our spirits leave the human form, we will feel all the pain we caused any other spiritual being on this planet.

That being said and I being a person who lives with pain daily, I surely don’t want to be feeling any pain when I start my new journey, where ever that takes me on the other side. So I try my best to treat people with good intention and smile 80% of the time, but no one is perfect. There will be days I stumble and may annoy another person and if they let me know that I have, then I will apologize for it.

This world really needs to start taking things to heart and try to live a healthy life here on earth, enjoy it because this is it, we are not promised any tomorrows..treat eachother with kindness and respect. – Live Love Laugh

I love this song by DC Talk.. enjoy!!

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