Respecting Yourself & Moving On

Respecting Yourself & Moving On

An article from, Abuse No More, that I wanted to share.
Abuse No More
A survivor faces their challenges and becomes empowered by those same challenges. A survivor says to their self, “OK, I can’t change this relationship or the abuser, but I can change my life and stop contributing to this situation.” A survivor makes a commitment to rid themselves and their life of the perpetrator (abuser). Whereas a victim continues to feel helpless and accept blame, a survivor gathers together their courage and demonstrates their strength in spite of their fears.

A survivor stops listening to the verbal and emotional abuse that tears down their self-esteem – and says “No, that’s not true. I am capable. I may be afraid, I may feel defeated and hopeless, but I can change this situation by putting it behind. I will face that challenge and I will not give up! I am not helping myself or the abuser by remaining in this sick relationship.” And that point in their life is a significant turning point for the victim who becomes a survivor.

Perhaps that phrase, “turning point”, says it all. A survivor has reached the turning point that a victim still cannot see. Reaching that turning point and making the commitment to change their life marks the place in time where one becomes a survivor and refuses to be a victim any longer. That doesn’t mean it’s easy; that doesn’t mean a survivor wakes up one day and suddenly everything is “a piece of cake” and perfectly clear. We still need support; we still have to heal many emotional traumas from a myriad of abuses. We still have to sort out a lot of confusion in our own minds. But that turning point means we see our own mental captivity as a victim and refuse to tolerate it any longer. A survivor breaks free of abuse.


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