I Almost Lost My Mind!

Being a people watcher, I am tend to be looking around myself a lot, meaning I don’t make myself the center of attention. Because I am not the center of the world. The world is a big place and I find it is easier to get out of my own head and look, imagine, sometimes even walk in the shoes of others.

There are days I begin to give in to my own feelings and if those are bad feelings, I start to feel worse and worse, so I rather think good thoughts and have good thoughts get better.

Some people might say in that case I have my head in the sand but I don’t think so, I just don’t think I can change things that bring me down, but I can change how I feel and I rather feel powerful. Not pitiful!
If some one is depressed, they tend to think more and more of depressing things. Yes life can be difficult and at times lonely, but it will be only as depressing, as difficult and lonely as we allow it. Instead of thinking how low we can go, why not think how high we can go.

It does not matter what life throws at us, it depends if we want to catch it and or toss it back. If it don’t feel right, leave it where it is. We have to hope and believe things will get better but most of all we need to have faith.

There are days we may fall back to thinking depressing thoughts and instead of dealing with them in a positive way, such as looking at the great things and people in our lives, we at times turn to things like, drugs and alcohol to numb the bad and that it is all it does, numb life, once the high from substance ends, life is looking back in our face. So we have to make a choice, be a positive power in your own life and those around you, don’t give your power away.

Live in the moment, this exact moment because this moment is all we have.. It can only strengthen your resolve that what we think we are and what we are deserving of is in our reach, has been in our reach from the day we were born. Life is as good as we make it.


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