Rama Dass & Spiritual/Healing Teachings

ram dass

A month ago I watched videos of a workshop held by Rama Dass.

Who is Rama Dass you ask?

He was born Richard Alpert in April of 1931, a spiritual teacher and author, committed to helping others through charitable organizations as well as continuing to help those via his websites. I really enjoyed this workshop and he taught me things I did not consider before watching.

When ever I come across anything or anyone to do with the human spirit, I am intrigued. One of those things I have been hearing about a lot over the past year is Reiki.

What is Reiki you ask?

Reiki is an alternative therapy originated in Japan, which is a kind of touch therapy. The followers and practitioners of Reiki believe that by this touch therapy they can transmit positive energy from one person to another, and the proper flow of this life force energy acts as a healing factor.

There is so many out there who offer services, either free or for a fee, help with the spiritual self. And I am sure there is those that see the all mighty dollar only, but that does not mean there is not a few who practice their gift and still ask for a nominal fee. Like anything else I think we have to do some research when it comes to someone saying they can do something for you and ask for money to perform that service, just like a plumber or carpenter, there are some better than others and some who have no clue what they’re doing. So at the end of the day, it is up to us as individuals to look into the one giving the service we are requiring.

Following a spiritual path is a life long process, there is no end to this road, as we follow it we gain an inner peace and faith. However the greatest thing, I think, about my being on this spiritual path is, practicing what I preach. Surely there are days, I trip on my spiritual path, but I do get back up, brush myself off and see it as a learning process. To learn from it and move forward, not to dwell on it.

I wanted to look into Reiki, so I did some reading.

A Reiki teacher is a Reiki Master/Practitioner who chooses the path to teach and share Reiki healing knowledge with others

In order to pass the Reiki atonements to others, a person must first be attuned to their own health and energy level should be strong, balanced and wholesome

Before becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, they must first consider the additional responsibilities that should be acknowledged and accepted – do they consider them selves organized, committed and confident

And the greatest one of all, I think is, Their Personal Responsibility

Do they set an example and practice what they preach (walk their talk) – incorporate the Reiki principals into their daily life as a “chosen” way of living.

Overall, it all boils down to a Reiki practioner trusting their intuition. The person should be a living example of the things they practice. Watching their personal expectations – most integrated teachers are not dressed in white robes and act in a ‘holier than thou’ fashion. A good Reiki teacher is usually down to earth, realistic and normal in appearance. They said to be wary of sensational and over-the-top characters. The teacher is NOT above the student or the person they are treating.

I guess it boils down to being aware of those who speak from both sides of their mouths.

Sue Welch-Veilleux is quoted , Spiritual Journey – 

“This is the pathless path – returning to where you were initially before you got lost. The deepest truth in you is where the journey leads – shedding, like taking off layers of an onion, until you come to your essence. The key to the spiritual journey is not acquiring something outside of yourself. Rather it is shedding the veils to come back to the deepest truth of your being.”

I wish the best to all those who seek inner peace and those who are there for those asking for advice on how to do that. We are all teachers and students on this earth, some days more one than the other, which is why we need to practice what we preach.

“I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people … to me, that’s what the emerging game is all about.” – Ram Dass


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