Prayer And Inner Peace


There was a time when a few important people have written a prayer and asked me to review it and if I thought it was acceptable. Of course I read their prayer, because they asked and each of their prayers were beautiful. I had one piece of advice for every person that approached me with that request and since they asked, I was able to give.

Your prayer is beautiful and you’re asking for guidance to overcome certain things and help you achieve certain things. The day you don’t ask for anything, nothing at all, but be thankful for what you have, right now at this moment, for what you had in the past and for anything you are given in the future.. Then , you will know you have gained an inner peace that is only possible to those who love unconditional, forgive everyone who may have hurt them, physically and or mentally, but most important you’ve been able to forgive yourself. Each of us will see that light at some point in our lives and how we express ourselves even in prayer will be one of those rays.” – Snowy Solomon


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