Give Again

Counting your blessings…

Source of Inspiration


Give what you have
to those who have none.
Then I will have nothing,
you say. How can this be?

Give, then give some more
and you will see the well of
generosity fill again and again.
Give with love, faith, with a
smile on your lips and the light
shining forth from your heart.
Share with others until not one
child knows hunger, not one
person lies homeless on a cold
street, until all know the love
which comes from the light
both inside and out.

And then you will understand
how to give and how to love.


This is a child living in the United States. If this can happen in such a rich country, think of what it is like where there is so much poverty. A child dies of hunger every five seconds. When have we given enough? When have we done enough to seeā€¦

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