Hate Being Alone?

A couple years ago, a sister gifted me a book called, The Sacred Tree. Which I have read a couple times and do go back to for information with regards to our native spirituality.

One thing I have noticed is I tend to share information with friends and readers, regarding how to live spiritually, however not so much sharing the signs that you are not whole spiritually. I want to post from..



The Sacred Tree – Signs of Spiritual Emptiness – Forwarded by Dr. Jane Goodall DBE

A sign that much work is needed in the area of personal spiritual growth is when a person dislikes being alone, and especially dislikes being alone in silence. Many people use television or recorded music to fill the silence so that they do not have to experience themselves as they really are.

To face ourselves alone in silence, and to love ourselves because the Creator has made us beautiful are things that every developing human being needs to learn. From this position of strength, no one can put us down and no one can lead us to do or to be anything else but what we know we must do or be.

Another sign that warns the traveler that his heart is empty of the gifts of the west is when a person does not feel respect for the elders, or for the spiritual activities and struggles of other people. to laugh and ridicule spiritual things is to say: I feel an emptiness within me that I must hide by my criticism of others or my pretended laughter.

When I need(ed) music.. this is my favorite song, that speaks to my Higher Power in song. Enjoy..

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