Defining My Spirituality


I have seen and read many definitions of what the word, spirituality, means. And like anything else, depending where you live, what your beliefs are, your culture and so on, your definition may be different than mine and or the next person.

I see spirituality more as a verb and not a noun, meaning it is something I try with all my heart and soul to practice on a daily basis. Like those who run a few miles, or eat a certain diet, it is a form of exercise for me and enables me from the inside out to cope with life on this planet call earth. it is something I do for my own personal well-being and personal development.

Everything we do, we must do for the betterment of ourselves first and only then can we advise, if asked, others on how to achieve the level of spirituality we are at in our lives.

I was told by my father after my brother passed that I could pick the words to be set on the headstone. I did and they are 3 words that I practice daily,


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