It’s Not All About “Me”


I have been thinking about how it is a ‘me’ world. I used that term the other day when in chat with a good friend about how people around us were reacting to things happening in their lives. So many times people think they can lead other peoples lives and it is impossible to do that. Yes, we can give advice, but we shouldn’t stand in the way of fate because surely it will bring on a negative some way some how. This is my belief. I have always said, everything happens for a reason and when it is not another’s reasoning, that does not mean it is the wrong reason. Like John Lennon said, Let It Be. Yes.. just let it be, worry about our own lives and stop trying to control another persons life. Their lives are not your lives to lead, it is not about you or the ‘me’.

My daughter has said she don’t understand me at times and that makes me laugh, but if nothing else, I will give her food for thought and if what ever I say is a positive for anyone in my life, then, that is what matters at the end of the day.I want to be a positive and not a negative. I am so very grateful for my children, my grandchildren because I want to be that positive force they need in their lives.

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