D J Jimmy Allen posted this note on facebook today.. I thank him for the thumbs up and wanted to share his joy with you..

It was 4 years ago this month that I felt that “kick” on my lazy boy chair that drove me to my feet ever so suddenly. Standing there in the dim LED light lit room from my mixing boards, the voice of the Lord echoed in my head “you’re going to start a radio station called Praise The Rock Radio!” Looking around the room half expecting to see someone standing behind me, I shouted in a quiet voice “are you talking to me Lord?”.
Waiting for what seemed like eternity in the thick silence, I finally explained to the Lord “But I know nothing about making a radio station! Are you sure you have the right guy?” Still nothing… Clearing my throat with a simulated confidence I replied ” If that’s what you want me to do, then just show me what to do and make the way for me to do it. The next day I began tinkering around the Internet exploring different options and free domains and the like. I soon started our first broadcast on and soon met our very first listener Ashley Baker. I had no idea what I was doing but we had a great time. Soon many more came and one day a friend of mine from myspace, Cynthia Solomon, out of the blue one day asked me if I would like to DJ for the station she was DJing at “Wolf Radio”. I said “funny you should ask because the Lord told me to start this station Praise The Rock Radio and I’ve been real busy trying to figure out how to do it. So I thanked her for the invite but declined. About a week later, out of the blue, she asked me again. I again explained how busy I was trying to figure out how to make PTR work and how I just didn’t have the time, but thanked her again. A few more weeks went by and she asked me again. By now I was thinking there must be a reason and so I accepted. She brought me on-board and within minutes I said “ohhhhh” I get it now! They showed me what a broadcaster was, how to use it, and started me on my road to HTML holiness. I quickly became one of the gang and soon found myself spending much of my time running the stream for Wolf Radio. PTR became a dream in the wing. For a half a year it sat dormant as I ran the board for Wolf Radio.
Finally one day as I was chatting with the owner of WR, I mentioned that I needed to start working on PTR once again. She asked me why I didn’t tell her about it before and I told her “actually I did, but you just kinda ignored me”. She apologized and explained how things get so crazy at times it’s hard to catch everything (something I more than understand now and she offered to help me. She ended up helping me set up our first domain and our first page. The rest is history as others came on board and offered their time and help along the way, and of course our DJ Lady Chrissie (Christiane Thomann Rosenberg) who came on board from just about the beginning and has been there every step of the way. I affectionately called her our “miracle worker” as she made everything possible that seemed so impossible at times.
Financing was always a miracle as we came so close to being shut off so many times, and I would find myself standing watching the clock just to see God come through at the midnight hour over and over again. I had asked myself at one point why I was so weak in my faith that I worried and doubted every time when I knew every time God would provide. Still, the stress and the challenge was always more than I could bare alone and I found myself crying out to God over and over for mercy and grace and provision.
I joked, at times, about the years I lost from my life within mere months from the incredible stress of keeping her running and keeping the ministry alive. It took a long time for me to “let go and let God” and just give it all to Him. He called it, He’ll do it. Even now, I have no idea how we’re going to pay the incredible needs and how all the work that needs to be done is going to get done, but I have learned to trust God for the answers… for if it were in my hands, I would have ruined it a long time ago, and I have come close many times to throwing my hands up and calling it quits!
But somehow, some way, God has always made a way where there seems to be no way, and despite how it may look or feel at times, I know in my heart He will keep making a way.
The thing that blesses me more than anything is when I hear someone tell me how PTR has helped them in their walk with God at some point in their life. Some testimonies have been extraordinary and literally how PTR has “changed their life” or even saved it. That, to me, makes it all worth while, and makes all sacrifices I and so many others have made to keep her alive worth all the gold and silver in the world.
So, as we celebrate our 4th year, I would like to say a special THANK YOU for all YOU have done to keep us fighting another day! YOU know who you are! And I, and all who have been blessed by this ministry thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

God bless you! And happy 4th Birthday Praise The Rock Radio!!! — DJ JImmy Allen

Link up and give a listen when you get the chance!


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