I Will Sing ~ I Will Pray ~ Through My Darkest Hour

This evening I had a short chat with a friend who is a published author and we talked about where we were with regards to our writing. He is a great poet and I have given quotes for his book jackets over the years. He is also a great inspiration to me with regards to my poetry writing and I had done alot of poetry writing in the past. But over the past months I have not written poetry. Any poetry I have posted is stuff I’d written previously.

I told him it is like my thought process, my brain has lost it’s harmony and that maybe it is because I am missing my mother alot lately, who passed over 3 years ago. I said, there is a reason why I am missing her more, but I don’t really want to come to that conclusion because the more I miss her, the closer she is.

I will share a poem I wrote after she passed…Mom was in the early stages of Alzheimers.. when she phoned me, she would always end the call with, “Don’t forget I love you.”


Is It So Bad?
Is it so bad
To have forgotten
the past?
All the pain
The tears
My thoughts outlast

I now just laugh
And comment this day
Enjoy the company
With a few questions
What’s your name?
Or what did you say?

I look deep into your eyes
I shall not forget
You’re my child
My heart and soul
in my mind
you’re set.

Is it so bad?
This loss of recall
No face to this memory.
Packed away and taken the day I left,
I took your love, my daughter
Yes, I took it all.


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