I Sense My Higher Power


I seen my Higher Power

Gold tassels at the hem of lace
Shining chrome on a brand new car
Brilliant white a cloud in the summer sky
Things of beauty is what they are

I heard my Higher Power

Angelic the jingle of a child’s laughter
Calming is the shoreline, in comes the wake
The hidden whippoorwills call out at dusk
A fraction of serenity these sounds make

I touched my Higher Power

Soft pink a newborn’s skin
Satin sheets cool on a warm night
I shiver in water, the first summers dip
Things I can enjoy, lack of sight

I sensed my Higher Power

The tickle of butterflies in my core
A smile widening across my face
My heart swelling within my chest
Love leaving all other senses misplaced.
by Snowy Solomon


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