The Little Girl

When I first started djing online for a station owned by a lady out of New York, one of my time slots was on Sundays, where I would follow a great dj known as Bugsy, a retired police office. He did a great Sunday show and stood by in case I needed any help with mine. The one thing about internet radio is the listener is who picks the music 90% of the time. We would, as djs put a show together and the listeners were always good with requesting music for the certain show.

I got a request one Sunday morning and I did not have the song. DJ Bugsy saved the day and passed this certain song over to me. It would be the first time I was to hear the song, but Bugsy told me this gentleman would request it every Sunday. I listened and shed a few tears and at the same time realized what a great vehicle music is to get the word out with regards to any cause or circumstance.. Child Abuse being at the top of the list.
I have taken a vow to protect children and it is my natural maternal instinct also. Please protect the children! They are our future, they are innocent, they are the closet to heaven.

Enjoy the song! – Ray Boltz * Dear Mr. Jesus –


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