Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated


I have been in a couple situations as of late where I am questioning the ‘Golden Rule’, when
it comes to people I care for in my life, care for at different levels, no two friends or family
member the same.

Have you found that you have one friend that you are just naturally there for each other,
whether its back patting, returning favors, keeping in touch with regularly, either by phone or
mail or in person, you’re both just there for each other, naturally. And that feels good,
spiritually. Because neither of you leave the others presence with the feeling like..”oh this is
going to cost me”.

And what if you have a friend that has some moral issues you do not agree with? It can be
hard to live by the ‘Golden Rule’ in that situation also. There are things they do that I surely
would not do, but they may say, “Well if you were my friend, you would.” What conflict that
leaves you with internally. There are those in our lives that could not do what we do as
individuals, either they just don’t have it in them or it goes against their upbringing, religion,
etc. so we can not expect them to treat us as we treat them.
It’s a dilemma for sure.

I don’t think any relationship or friendship should be wasted, there will be few that we really
connect with on the comfortable level to live by ‘The Golden Rule’, and the friends and or
family that we do connect on the same level with regards we should hang on to and cherish.
It does not mean we think less of other relationships, we just hold them again at a different
level, no one should have to go against their beliefs and to want to do everything for
everyone is not conceivable, to believe so leaves us with hurt feelings, sometimes very
strong hurt feelings.

So as for me, I am going to change the ‘Golden Rule’ somewhat, allowing me not to
contradict myself or harm any relationships I am in, at whatever level..

“Respect Others As You Would Want To Be Respected” ~ Snowy

That one word, ‘RESPECT’, can say so many things and mean so many things to so many in
our lives, as a matter of fact, it says so much to the entire world in general. And just maybe if
we all showed more, respect towards each other, there would be less wars, dramatics,
broken hearts and pity parties. I adore all my friends and will definitely treat you with respect,
because that is what I want. Oh my, I feel so much better now.. lol..

Have a great day and be renewed!!!!

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