My Healing Mantra


A Vedas saying, “ Speech is the essence of humanity.” what we think actually comes into being. Those who see themselves as spiritual, yours truly included, believe in mantra and know it is necessary to lead a spiritual life. The words become a part of your life energy, a part of you exactly. It will free you from destructive thoughts with regards to your being, not just physical destruction, but more importantly mental destruction. And a person does see the change in oneself, sooner than later because your mind hears and feels that constant vibration of positive flowing through your being and it creates that world around you.

To begin to live a simple life, one that envelopes inner peace, there is no drug or outside source than can do that for us. It is something we have to bring forth to our beings entirely ourselves and a mantra is the beginning, it is a great tool, one I had started using a few years back. I do have a peace of mind and it is that peace of mind that gets me through what ever this world throws at me. I may not understand at times why things happen as they do, but as long I know what I give back to the world and what I keep for myself is good, is positive, I believe the rest will take care of itself.

My mantra is a simple thing that I say at least 50 times a day, where I find a break in thought, it is a simple sentence that radiates through my being and it starts off like this…

I will………………… – the rest of that sentence is the max of 4 simple words. At first they come to me in a stutter, but as time goes on, that sentence is smooth, it is even, and it feels great to say it. It becomes habit to say it and the best thing is, I started seeing a change around me, the best positive change.

If you are in any mental turmoil, I wish you inner peace and know this is one way I found mine.

Here is one whole hour of Native American music to sit back, close your eyes and relax with, when you need it. I will find the time to do just that at least once a week. Blocking out the rest of the world, allowing peace in. Enjoy!

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