The Good The Bad & Trying to Get By


What I don’t know, I will seek knowledge. What I question, I seek answers. Sometimes though, I can not find the answer or maybe it is just me not liking what the answer may be according to whom ever. I have went head to head over the years with someone questioning my belief in my Higher Power/God allowing pain and suffering to children and what we see as good people. I can not find the answer to why children pass, but there is some reasoning why we adults do suffer. I believe in free will. That I have the power to pick and chose what or who is in my path causing me pain or suffering. Yet at the same time I know I am responsible for how much I suffer at the hands of others, that I need to have the strength to let go of that and walk away. Not giving any other person the control that is mine.

Both men and women have the will to be kind or mean, emotionally and physically. To cause suffering they will threaten, isolate, lie, make up stores and even threaten suicide. Some way, some how, the best course of action is to leave a person who is abusive, we all know that and at times it may be hard, but to live a fulfilling life on earth, God has given is the free will to do that, He does not want us to suffer, at the hands of a strangers or someone who says they love us, evidently not knowing what the word, Love, means. Never quit trying to be happy, we all deserve that much, which in the end is all we really had, the free will to be happy.


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