Their Saving Grace


At some point in our lives we question the power of prayer, does it really work?
Well I can only answer for myself and what it has done for me and if I think it works.

My answer is YES.

When I was young, I prayed at school, being catholic, and on Sundays when I went to church with an elderly couple of our family, I prayed because I was taught to pray. But as I got older, it did subside, other things took the place or prayer, a lot of questions to be honest, more whys than anything else.
Then there came a time in my life where I thought, a prayer can’t hurt, so I started to pray, I would pray when I woke in the morning and before I fell asleep at night, there were times I even prayed at some point during the day.

And the biggest change in my life came when I stopped ‘asking’ for things of HIM, in prayer and started thanking HIM for what I did have in my life, for my life. That was when things started to change for me.
There became this overwhelming at times sense of inner peace, something I needed so much in my life and it was something I could not get from anyone else or buy, I had to seek it out within my being. And that took a lot of praying.

When my children were young and whether they were ill or had a bad nightmare, I would tell them to say the prayer, ‘ The Lords Prayer”, a few times and whatever was ailing them at that time, would ease away. Even now I still say that to them and I like to believe they do as I suggest today as I did when they were younger.

So is there power in prayer?
Yes ! Yes !! Yes !!

A child is born without knowing hate, they are innocent souls. With all the events in the world these days involving children, children killing other children, children self inflicting harm, I asked myself this morning, if they are born innocent and by the time they reach 18 are committing such harmful acts, why are we not assuring them of their self worth, how much they are loved and how to pray daily giving thanks for all they have and praying for what they need?

It’s never too late to teach a child, they are waiting to be taught. And teaching them of our God, our Higher Power is and will be their saving grace.. Teach them that he will answer them and protect them.

This man, Michael W. Smith is one of my favorite, faith singers. His messages always send shivers through my being, which I know is God’s presence. God Bless Us All!


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