Me Myself and Martyr


We need to ask ourselves what ever we’re doing when it comes to others in your life, if it means you go without at the end of the day, would you suggest someone else do the same thing? That is the test whether you are treating yourself fairly or whether you’re being too self-sacrificial.

There is consequences for all that we do, no matter the age & we need to learn life’s lessons and that goes for all the people we are surrounded with, friends and family. If we are going through troubling times, financially and or emotionally, we need to feel we can be honest with them and being honest will always win.

Being the type of person, the martyr, who throws themselves to the wolves so another does not feel hurt or get hurt, really ends up hurting both at the end of the day.

If we want to stop being the martyrs, “someone who does self sacrifice for the others over one’s own choice, needs or wants”, we need to be a tad selfish. Most of us say, we want 50/50 relationships, I think it has to be 60/60, each of the 2 going that extra mile for the other yes, but not at the cost of their own happiness.


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