Love You Till The End..

We all have a tolerance for pain, some greater than others. I believe it is that tolerance that is a factor in how we deal with or don’t deal with events, good or bad in our life on any given day. And because we all at different levels with regards is the reason we can not and should not judge others based on what we would or could do.

Personally, I have my reasons for what I did or do, even to this date and I don’t think when it comes to good friends or family, should I need to explain, unless I want to ,that is, yet still be loved, unconditionally, what ever my decisions in life are. It is I, who has to look at myself in the mirror when I wake in the mornings and it is I, who has to be able to sleep at night, with any decision s I made during the day.

Being in any relationship and having it end for either person involved is hard to deal with and we all deal with it differently. There is a mourning stage, an anger stage, a come to terms stage and a time to move on stage. It all being the healing process.

When I left a 30 year relationship, I was told by a friend to expect at least a year of emotionally and mental healing. Which at the time said, seemed like for ever, however that year did go by quickly and even today, 8 years later, I am still learning from it, long after putting it to rest.

I know it was my faith that got me through it, along with so much reading, meditating and realizing that I am worthy of happiness, completely.

My heart has been broken since then, again I take the lesson with each break and take time to mend. I had decided years ago to take any relationship’s best part, the love of it and use that love as a building block, the foundation of what I know will be some day the support of the greatest love of all, my true love. And if I have been or I am loved by many, I know the true love will be supported long into eternity.


Yes, there will be those who say, but how do I know if that which I call the true love can or will stand the test of time? No one knows that, and I don’t think it is healthy to go into any relationship wondering when it will end, if it will end. Live in the moment is another one of my mottos and right now, this second is the only time I have.

So I am going to live it happily with or without another by my side. Hopefully I do eventually have that significant other by my side, hand in hand we build something, that has never been built before.


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