Top 10 Inherited!


Like anything else, those things and people that make the top 10 lists, there is also a lists for the Top 10 Hereditary Traits. As I looked over this list, I noted that 9 out 10 are not such good traits. Here’s the list, you decide.

10. Baldness

9. Lactose Intolerance

8. Acne

7. Having twins

6. Heart Disease

5. Obesity

4. Bullying

3. Color Blindness

2. Breast Cancer

1. Alcoholism

I think having twins is a special thing, not sad at all, but again, that depends on who you ask I know for fact I inherited 99% of my health issues from my parents. There are days I sit down with family or friends and all of the sudden, one of those people shout at me, “oh my word, you remind me of your Mother!” And there are days when I speak or laugh I hear my mother’s voice, so no matter what I inherited in illness, I am so happy to know I’ve inherited a few of Mom’s mannerisms that left a mark on someone else’s life in a good way.
What did you inherit?


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