To Be or Not To Be

For me to know what dysfunctional is or was, like most things in anyone’s life, I, we, have to know what the opposite of an action is. So I began to compare dysfunctional love and true love. Once I did begin that journey, it was a scary walk, because on that path, people I thought were my friends, family I thought had bonds nothing could break, inch by inch began to separate, heading down different paths, not together, hand in hand down the same path of life.

There is growth in true love, something 2 people encourage in each other and appreciate. There is a respect and freedom in true love, not insult and control. There is a security in true love, that it does not matter who is now or was in my life before or presently, true love alleviates worry & we see those relationships as necessities in a persons growth. That growth comes with an open mind, that we can maintain outside relationships with no fear or constriction. If it is true, we can compromise, if it is dysfunctional, we tend to be aggressive and try to manipulate. With true love, a friend or family member faces reality with you, we accept each others short comings. Of course there will be times of tears, some pain and even a test of the strength of the relationship, but if I feel more pain than happiness or when I see that person/people, on approach, does not bring a natural smile to my face , then it is or was time for me to part ways because the relationship has turned dysfunctional. Yes, we can try our best a few times to mend bridges but there comes a day or will come a day, some things can never be fixed and life does go on whether those friends or family are in my life or not. Life on earth is a short one, eventually, hopefully sooner than later, we all realize that and chose to life it happy, together or apart.

The way I see it, but that’s just me.


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