Self Observation

Have you ever taken the time to look at yourself? I don’t mean stand in front of a mirror at the image before you. I mean sitting or in any comfortable position in your home, in silence or on a blanket in a field with nothing but the breeze on your skin and the sound of the rustling leaves and birds chirping. With eyes closed, emptying your mind of all thoughts to the point that the tension is released from your body, you can actually feel the tension leaving you, from your shoulders all the way to your toes and it does take some time to do that. By the time the tension is gone, your mind should be clear, leaving it open to the actual moment, then and only then do you give your being consideration, from the inside out. Observe inwardly your emotions, your spirit, appreciate them. Allow emotions to ebb and flow, the highs and lows….



Begin to heal and go beyond all your yesterdays, making today, the new day, for you, within you, and I promise each tomorrow you are allowed will be so worth rising in the morning for, you will look forward to all your tomorrows when you regularly take the time to self observe. Because no one sees you like you do or can appreciate you like you should appreciate yourself. Try it; it is a start to a calming spiritual way of living in these hectic times.



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