My Karma My Spirituality

How many times have we heard someone say or have said ourselves…


I would be so happy if I….had more money

..had that piece of pizza. (any foods)

..had a partner who gave me more sex

..had a better job to get that bigger truck

…had someone doing this work for me.


Many people do achieve these wants in their lives, if not by inheritance, then by hard work, but yet, they do not have an inner peace or can be clearly seen by others, just not happy. Most of the time we do not understand that, we ask, we question,


“why are you so sad? You have everything a person could want, money, stature, the big home and everything that shows power, even the boss of your own company”


I don’t think there is anything wrong with having it all, as long as a person knows how to give back to a giving world. There has to be a balance with everything in our lives or to some degree a part of our lives will suffer. When we give, we get in return, this is the way of the universe. Over time it is showing how we as humans can keep taking, not giving and it shows in the world around us in so many ways, a few being, pollution of the earth and water, extinct animals, murder and suicide.


There is a word out there that we also hear a lot..    KARMA


.. What is karma? 


The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny.


In other words, we reap what we sow, you get what you give.. And so on.


Then is it as simple as reverting bad karma into good karma, so that we find some peace and happiness in our lives? For some it can be easy, for others it is very hard and takes its toll on a persons mind, body and spirit. There is a great resistance from the mind and body in doing an action which is contrary to the nature of the person. It takes time and patience, happiness/inner peace does not happen over night. The way a person lived for so many years is embedded into the mind and bodies and we have to know that every action against the nature created a reaction in our being which makes it extremely difficult to sustain such actions for long. So that is where the term, baby steps, comes into play..


I know from personal experience that once I started practicing GOOD KARMA, there was a change in my life and that change was even greater when I had a devotion, that devotion being to my Higher Power/God. I had to feel good about my devotion and not do it to please anyone else in my life, but really went deep within myself, pulled out all that was ailing me, handed it off to my Higher Power so I could begin to lead a life, a giving life no matter where I would end up on the ladder, rich or poor, to give because I felt good to give and yet not expect anything in return. I see myself as spiritual, which is a way of life, not a religion. I am not by a long shot a rich person with millions in the bank but I know I am rich/blessed with so many great friends who tell me that I do inspire them at some point in their lives and the thanks I get is so rewarding, at times overwhelming.



Moderation!  Sharing!  Giving!  Unconditional!



So if you are looking for some good karma in your life, for better things to begin happening, start giving what you can to this world, no one can ask for more than you can give, just do your best..  Start thanking in prayer to the Higher Power/God and not be asking every time you pray to him, just be thankful for what you have and ask for guidance, you will be answered, I guarantee it.


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