Losing My Religion

Picture (Prayer by Dollinjune14)

I have noticed over the years how some people will stand back on their heels as soon as someone begins to talk about God. I now understand the comment about reframing from talking about religion and politics because there are so many different beliefs in what is and what should be. I’ve even had a gent who said he was not religious in any way what so ever say to me, “I will pray for you.”, when I responded, “I thought you did not believe in God?”, he answered, “Did I say who I was praying to?”.  I couldn’t argue with that and who am I to say he is wrong for not believing. We all have our rights to freedom of speech, whether it be about religion or politics and those views should be respected for everyone else. I think if they were, there wouldn’t be so much wars, killings in the streets and disrespecting of other races, even neighbours. I don’t think this is the first time anyone has heard that wish/thought. Praying, no matter who or what a person prays to or in front of, can do so much for a person, if they looked past the religious part of it. It’s a conversation, a petition and a way of emptying our sorrows, making it easier to carry on with our days. We need to take care of our minds as much as our bodies and praying does exactly that, no matter who you pray to.


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