Another Key Of Spirituality – Solitude


Periodically in our lives there will be others who can get a rise out of even the most gentile person you know… ourselves. Yet having the ability to step back and take a look at where the toxins are flowing from, we can step back on the path of living a life of serene solitude.

When some read that word, solitude, they think of loneliness, which is something no one wants to feel. Yet we can feel lonely in the company of many. There is so many people in the world today who openly admit, they can’t be alone, that they need someone in their lives and they are willing to live a life of unhappiness just to have someone to come home to, to lie down beside at night. Yet day after day, if they admit, there is a feeling inside them that just does not get filled and not knowing how to fill it, it ends ups being filled with materialistic things or addictions, again to toxins. When all the while the only thing a person has to do is take the time to travel inside themselves, surround themselves with a solitude of being. The solitude of being to myself means, not looking outside myself for love, for appreciation, understanding and acknowledgment. For a person to travel inside themselves, eventually we begin to know what self love, inner security and strength really is.

It is a never ending road, that much I have come to realize, but it is a beautiful journey because periodically I come to a bend in the road where I will learn something new, on how to cope with outside events out of my control and learn how to fulfil myself each and every time to be whole again, not perfect, but complete. Then and only then can another human being come into our lives, that touches us in positive ways and enhance what we already know as, our solitude of being. That my friends is the true love of a spiritual soul mate.

A Key To Spirituality by Unknown

“In moments when the inner lamps are lit

And the life’s cherished guests are left outside,
Our spirit sits alone and speaks to its gulfs
A wider consciousness opens then its doors;
Invading from spiritual silences,”


2 thoughts on “Another Key Of Spirituality – Solitude

  1. Yes! Yes! And Yes! Love this!
    I’ve often found that I need solitude to really reach inside myself and figure things out. I can’t function as well when constantly surrounded by distractions.


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