– Zoketsu Norman Fischer is quoted -“Teachers who think they are actually teachers teaching something are to be avoided. Good teachers are people who are themselves simply working on their own practice and are willing to share their lives as best they can with others. ”
I have to agree with this, because so many times I have been asked where or who I studied to have so much to share that is found inspirational? And I answer, I don’t know, because I am not of high education in grades. But I have learnt what I am actually sharing is my own lessons learnt from my life experiences.
I adore children and know they have minds like sponges and eyes that are always watching the world around them. With that in mind, I try to lead a life that is seen and can be seen through the eyes of a child. Pure and Simple.
I do have my days where I may be a little off kilter, but I do adjust myself and get back on track, after all no one is perfect.


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