The Quietest Moments Finds Inner Peace

The Quietest Moments Finds Inner Peace

– Even in The Quietest Moments – by Supertramp. A song written & sung with the Higher Power in mind.

That itself setting a peace of mind. Now here is what I relate to those 2 words

~ Quietest Moments ~

—the world was not let in to the realm of what I call my inner being – I was taking inventory – making peace with myself – listening to my inner self – allowing it to cry for what I had robbed it of – not fed it to grow as the physical self grew throughout my years. I fed it by reading a lot of books with regards to inner peace – happiness – love – total well being.

Have I perfected all those things? Not by a long shot – each day still learning and searching to better – feel better – communicate better with the world around me – seeing the differences and accepting them as something I can not change – only that which dwells with in my own being.

For almost 8 months I cried deep within and at times aloud – only allowing after a time – others in that could stimulate – rejuvenate something that had died over the years.. me. And I mean that literally – over the years I had began to wilt away – mind, body and soul. The mind becoming numb – the body shutting down – a soul hidden by a great wall. The pain of breaking down those walls which in turn allowed my mind to begin to absorb – the halting of an ailing body -allowing the light of my soul to peak thru each hole in the wall till it shone with all the brightness it was meant to do.

Only when we are quiet can we hear what the world – what our own person is crying out to us – what it needs to survive any hardship that crosses our path.. and what did I hear?

Love… realizing that I don’t have to search for love – that love lived deep with in me all the time from the day I entered this world from my mothers’ womb to the light of day. I was born of love – live in love – and will leave this world feeling love.

A simple example that I am love first is.. when you face another being with – fist made at your sides – a frown on your face – or a arms crossed over chest stance with head held high – what do you see standing in front of you? The world in the same stance – hands up guarding itself, ready for a fight. However if you show love with a smile and arms wide open – that is what is returned to you more times than not. We receive a reflection of ourselves each and every time. Of course there are times when no matter how much we smile and reach out a helping/greeting hand, it will be bit off – that should not deter us from continuing on a path of self love.

From the time we are children we are loaded up with some negativity along the way – as a child not recognizing the initial bad in actions and or teachings – teachings we accept as what is needed to get thru this life on earth..

To come to a point of realizing self love – we are like a fancy muffin – picking off all those negatives taught to us by people around us in those influential years.. mothers/fathers/sibling/friends/people in general.. until we have a plain muffin to which we can add all that is good and necessary to be the best muffin it could possibly be.

So am I the best muffin on the cooling rack?- No – but – I have left space for personal growth – trying to not go stale – keeping fresh with continually learning/accepting – but most of all – Loving.

There are many types of love, many strengths of love, but no love is greater than the love that we have for our individual selves. To love yourself, appreciate who you are, what you contribute the world around you, to know that each day you have or will affect at least one person you meet, if not many more and sometimes not even knowing you have touched another is what having self love does, it reflects to all those around you…then return.

Life long friendships, a friendship that no one could divide or compare…. The two have the ability to do what is for the greater of the other, not to fear but to have the courage to forge ahead with their lives as our Higher Power sees know HE will tend to the other.. to take all that is good of this friendship and build on it with those closest in our lives, at home, to grow and be all that we can be, for HIM, for our loved ones, but most of all for ourselves.

No one can question why 2 people ever became friends, timing is everything and everything in its time, as HE sees and wants it to be, yet it is not promised to we all should live in the moment, grab hold of it, hold it dearly because that absolute second will never be again..this is just a fraction of having the ability to gain some inner peace, have peace of mind in our lives.. 2 great friends are able to gain some inner peace, peace of mind from each other, for each other, they radiate it to each other..that being said.. they are both on journeys and they both know they have come to a crossroads in our lives where they may have to part, but never let go.. no persons can step in front of what HE has willed to happen.. a true friendship that very few on this earth will ever have the joy of knowing..they can part ways, look back and smile, wish the best for the other, for those we hold dearly, their children, their family, their friends…this is what having inner peace is..they learnt how to bring more moments of inner peace into each others daily lives and how to experience those moments in their times of trouble or difficulties when they needed the most inner calmness and tranquility.. having inner peace is having the Higher Power deep within..

It is knowing you are born of love, the simple fact that ‘you are love’..

HE does not wants us to settle..HE wants us to be all that we can be, all that we need to be..yes we may need to compromise. But never lose your self, your being, your love, in the process.

God Bless your best friend and all those they hold dear.

Sit quiet – open your arms- let the world in with all its glory – hear what it is saying with out making judgement- validate and be validated.. close your eyes to sleep a peaceful sleep – open your eyes to the morning sunlight- smile & start the day with an agenda, all ..

in the name of Love..


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