The Old YOU, New Again!


We were not born unhappy. We were not born to hate. We were not born, unable to forgive. We were at some point surrounded by unhappiness, hatefulness and learnt how to hold a grudge. After a while of practicing these attitudes, of course they become a part of us. So if we want to live a life of happiness, loveliness and forgiveness, we need to practice, one step at a time.
I believe so much in the power of the pen and making it my power has paid off for me in so many ways. I will show or write down for you, how it can make a difference in your life.

Give this lesson a name, that you want to work on, it could be your physical health, mental health or spiritual health. Underneath that title begin to write down what fulfillment in positives will look like to you. NOT what a friend thinks it should be, a family member or society. It has to be what YOU believe the good is.

As the positives flow, in words, you begin to feel the words, you begin to believe the words and best of all, you begin to live the words!

Next, write down what you have to do to achieve these goals of happiness. What you have to change to achieve happiness, first for yourself, which will overflow to others around you. It can be the simplest thing, such as smiling at the school crossing guard, who never smiles.

Best of luck with your agenda for a happier life!


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