And You Are?

And You Are?

Some where in the world some one is asking some one, who are you? And that person answers so quickly without even giving it thought or not given it thought at any time before exact moment. How many of us take the time, in the quiet to answer that question, ask that question of our selves, who are you?

We come from a long line of persons before us, where did it begin and will it ever end? How many of those before us are within us, do they show themselves, do we even know when they do? What about our daughters and sons, how much of our selves has spilled over into them? Can we thank those before us for contributing to the person we are today?

Are you the person you see in the mirror? Are you not that person you see in the mirror? When we look at the body before us, do we realize the story it tells? The scars on the woman’s body from birthing babies, the scars on the mans body from manual labour or from the aggression of strength taken in the school yard, that busted nose when he stood to defend the not so pretty girl across the school yard. Can we see markings of adding too much toxins into our systems, the dark circles under the eyes, those few too many wrinkles on the face from daily stresses. Is that body in the mirror who we really are? Or remnants of a person, like the oval rugs grandma use to braid from old cloth to make a colourful floor cover that people walk on, wipe their feet on, after a while it fades from the friction, it starts to fall apart at the seams because it was not cared for? Do we use our bodies like door mats?

Then what about the ‘self’, the inner you, that has the voice, do we let it speak? Are we able to say no to those things that over time erode our beauty, inside and out? Man or woman, can you look at that person in the mirror then close our eyes and look at the person within that body and really hear what it is saying? How many times do we just stand within the beauty of a park, on a mountain, under the morning or evening sky, take a deep breath that reaches the body’s pelvis , that allows our body to breath? Or do we walk around day after day, holding our breath, biting our tongues because we don’t think we should say really what we want, what we expect? When do we get past the suffering, feel the pain and allow the healing?

From what I see, it is a ME generation, there is a greater amount of people who are truly taking the time to look at who they are, who are taking the time to make changes when it comes to healing themselves, mind boy and soul. Yet at the same time, there will be those who just don’t understand the point of waking early, listening to the quiet and hearing something that if we listen long enough, hard enough to, will always bring us true happiness and inner peace, and that something, is YOU!!.. It’s time to thank YOU.


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