Back Where I Belong

Back Where I Belong

Here it comes again, that old yet new feeling of self love. A reminder once in a while to waken my inner thoughts of how and why I am where I am today. A journey that will never end. The spiritual self is eternal, forever learning, feeling and loving.

I read a quote…

“The shift from separation to intimacy in relationships happens the moment you shift your attention from the story and opinions, back to how you feel in your body, and then communicate exactly that.”

So, so true, another level of spirituality, when in the company of one’s soul mate. And it will be a rebirth of old lessons, new again. Those lessons of how loving yourself unconditionally will bring you true happiness and acceptance, not from anyone else, but of thy self. No one can make us feel unloved, no one can take our self love away from us. What happens is we give bits of it away and to fill that partial emptiness, is just a matter of assuring ourselves that we are worth the intimate self love. Any person who loves us unconditional will and can rise above the body and connect with us spiritually to make that joining all that it is meant to be.

We all seek that ultimate high…..

“The sacred is discovered in what moves and touches us, in what makes us tremble.” – Sam Keen


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