Roses Along My Path

Roses Along My Path

Reaching Out We wonder sometimes why bad things happen to us, but when bad things are happening a lot in our lives, we end up in a place of numbing darkness. We don’t see no way out, because there is no light and sometimes we get so numb with regards to feelings, we can not even cry anymore.. It is when anyone gets to that point, there has to be intervention, someone to help..

But if we find ourselves still able to cry, that is a good thing, we are still in the process of some feeling, needing soul cleansing and hopefully someone to listen to us, someone that can give us good advice, but the most important thing is..

To take that advice! Someone who truly cares about the mental human condition will honestly give good advice and even tools to help you get back on track. There are a lot of professionals out there, good ones, who do that, not just because it is a job, but because they are people helpers from the heart, meaning they want to see you in a better place, they are genuinely concerned about your well being.

If a person wants to begin on a road to a better life, they have to want to , no one can force another person to do anything, we have to honestly admit we are in need of change and be willing to make those changes.

A good way to start moving ahead is.. Meditate.. Take time to focus, appreciate and regain your faith in something greater than ourselves will be there every step of the way..

And how is that possible?.

Because to some degree we are all sceptics, we doubt and its a lot of times that doubt in people, doubt in the world and even doubt in ourselves that got us to the point of desperation in the first place..

So how can you be sure there is something greater, after you pray?. There will not be a voice answering you in the way you think, you are answered through the actions of people around you, people that truly care about you, certain friends and family.

And although it may be the hardest thing you will ever do, you must reach out to that hand which has been extended to you, you must accept the help. You are not alone and no one has to go through life alone, especially when we are at the depths of despair..

Think of this.. When we are going through great times in our lives, an accomplishment of some kind, something we are proud of, we want to go to the highest mountain, scream it out and let the world know, we want to call our friends and family to let them in on the good news..

Then why are we so hesitant about calling those same family and friends when we are low in life, sad for whatever reason? Why don’t we want to give them the chance to help us carry our burden at the time? And if we did, the load would be so much lighter if we just shared it.

Yes, there is and always will be people of negativity and those who get some kind of high out of sabotaging other peoples happiness, you will eventually learn who those people are and be able to pick them out of a crowd of a 100 friends. You have every right to avoid them, to be selfish and focus on those that do want to help, that do not ask for anything in return but one thing..

Your wellness and happiness.

So if it is time for you to get on the right path of life, reach out, ask for help, listen to good advice, get the right reading material and most of all.. Have FAITH that HE will be by your side all the way.


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