Emotional Management

With the acquisition of language, a vast range of perception is disregarded. A child soon comes to believe that if that there is no word for something it does not exist. Sensory input that is not reinforced is deemphasized, until eventually
the child accepts the cultural viewpoint, with all of its biases and underlying assumptions. In the process something valuable is lost. -Ken Carey


And the above it so true.. To 4 ½ out of 5 people walk this earth, existing! Not living!.. To live for all it’s worth, we need to feel.. And.. Either we were not taught about feelings and how to manage them in a good way or we chose not to feel… and how sad is that.. To feel does not only mean.. how WE feel, but how OTHERS feel.. How often do we take into consideration, other peoples feelings before we speak or take action on a daily basis?

In one month I can tell you of 10 times that I have been witnessed to people who have not taken, feelings, into play when interacting with others and even themselves and that is so sad to me

We need to get in touch with our own inner selves on a higher level. And it is not easy to do, it is a lot of work. I know that, because I have done it and yes there are days where I even slip.. I am far from perfect but that does not mean I won’t stay on a positive path. I have to, want to keep my head above water with respect.

There is so much info out there, whether online or in books at the library and even a friend like me, who is willing to go into details with my own transformation, .. I am forever changing and growing.


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