My spirituality was mocked once by a person whom I thought could and would understand the change that had overcome me a few years back, which saddened me. Yet I know if I had not grown spiritually, I would of hidden away after her remarks and not been so spiritually radiant as I had become, because I believe in who I am, I believe in the greater good and I will continue to be a positive force till the day I leave this earth and all that is left behind is my spirit, so strong, that those whom lives I did touch will and can carry on in a positive manner, with a feeling of wholeness.  To try to  live life with no regrets and appreciating those that love us by loving them back unconditionally.

It is said there are signs of a spiritual awakening and I can honestly say I have seen/felt and believe there is. Here is just a few, the ones I have experienced so far.

Changing sleep patterns, restlessness, waking 2 or 3 times a night.

Sudden waves of emotion, at times an emotional rollercoaster.

Vivid dreams that carry messages and meaning.

Creative outbursts, such as my writing, at times at an overwhelming rate.

A sense that time is accelerating, that I must not waste time here on earth.

Feeling at times that I am different somehow, with new skills.

‘Teachers’ appear with perfect timing to help me on my spiritual journey.

Seeing a message in everything that happens to me, whether it be good or bad.

Becoming more tuned to seasons, moon phases and other cycles.

Living with a purpose and feeling like I am doing the right thing, right now, without fear of judgement.

One of my own quotes.. a favorite… “I am nothing to fear, yet fearless.”

“If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” – Native Quote


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