A New Lottery ~ A Spiritual Lottery

A New Lottery ~ A Spiritual Lottery

How soon we forget, how easily we forget, about that lottery ticket we bought some years ago. Unlike other lotteries, this ticket seems to be never ending, well it does have an expiry date, which is when we remember that we bought it and claim its prize.
As I said, to claim the prize, we need to recall we bought it first. Each and every one of us acquired a ticket and each of us will either enjoy the prizes in the box or be sadden by what we pull out of that box. It really depends entirely on each our own being, what exactly the prize in the box will be.

This ticket for the spiritual lottery seen the light the day we each were born and as we grow, as we age, we can either enjoy or suffer with this win. We create the win fall, it can be heaven or hell, joy or sadness, precious or pain.

As a child we are not born hating, or with mean thoughts in the fore front of our minds. The world around  aids in those feelings as much as it aids in the good of humankind, so we get to pick and choose exactly the prize in the box. I would say 75% of the time, we all will live through hell before we realize that letting go, releasing the pain and anger, learning to forgive those who have hurt us, will win us the jackpot of the spiritual lottery. Life is so precious, yet we tend to ignore that fact, even in the face of death.

Each and everyone of us is here, because we want to be. And no matter how much physical pain we may be in, the level of pain we deal with on a day to day basis with regards to hanging on to a past of guilt or shame can and will end a life on earth so much quicker.. Then we are only existing and not living.

Learning to respect yourself, love yourself, praise yourself each and every day allows us to enjoy the Spiritual Lottery Win fall.. Just saying..

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