You’re My Pain! – By Cynthia

(Picture by Healzo)


Who the hell

do you think you are!?

Latch on to me

no matter

where I am,

Near or far!

Why can you not

leave me alone?

You’re toxic!

You bleed me

down to

The bone

What hell do you

birth from?

The fire

The pain

My innocence

coming undone!

Where and when

will this end

This fucking torture

Erodes my being

Again and again

Thoughtless Bastard

Still my serenity

Covered in darkness

Nothing left of me

You common criminal

In my space

Steal my serenity

Hiding behind a smiling face

Thoughtless bastard

Pain and sorrow

All that’s left for me

This my tolerance

A tiny space

You endure my fear

Laughter from your gut

My demise

A useless shell

End it, end it now

Take this life

Take it out!



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