Friendship Degree

In what I ask… Celsius, Fahrenheit, north or south, education or friendships?

People wonder/ponder naturally, thus how we learn, yet there are those who never learn.

I do enjoy mind/thought stimulation to a great degree, so when I stumble upon another who does that for me, I will spend a great degree of time with that person that depending what degree of time they want to give me of course.

We all have different degrees of friendship and at times wonder what degree of standing we have with others in our lives.

I figured out just recently, there is no such thing as ‘just friends’, there is no JUST friends, well to me anyway, it is kind of an insult to any friendship to say you are JUST a friend, again there being different degrees of friendships.

HE does not set people in our paths to a degree; they are there for each their own reason and should be appreciated for what ever that reason is, to what ever degree they are.

I do tend to go to great degrees to get my point across at times and may still come out of it in the end, misunderstood. But that’s okay, we are not all on the same level, again why I am intrigued by another who stimulates my mind, after all, it is a great thing to waste, is it not?

Over time all our relationships to some degree shift categories, from a friend who we see often, so someone we don’t see as often as we use to. Or if we are lucky, we end up in long term relationships with the better of those friends.

But we must always remember, to some degree, to keep an eye on the people in our lives and see to what degree they affect us, good and or bad… To do away with those that is affecting us badly to some degree, what ever your degree tolerance is, of course.

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