The sun is shining bright this morning, I love it! I am feeling inspired today, encouraged and hopeful of great things to come in the days ahead. I won’t say years because I don’t care to look that far ahead, I really try to live in the moment, that at times not understood by a few. However I wanted to say that on occasion I do get a private message stating that my status, my face book posts have helped some one get thru a tough time, just when they needed it.
I have said this over and over and I don’t think it can be expressed enough. How just a simple smile coming from your face, a kind word coming from your mouth can change the day in someone’s life, many times without you even knowing it.
I am not sure when, but a suicide note was found, written by a man who took his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in California.. One sentence.. It was one request…

“Today I am going to walk all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. If anyone smiles at me, I won’t jump.”

No one did smile at the gent that day on his walk to the bridge. And even though this is not meant to make anyone feel guilty, unselfishly we need to start looking past our own noses. And it does not make me feel better knowing that there is some one out there who has it worse than I do, I don’t inspire because of guilt, I do it because it uplifts me!.. On my worse days physically, I will push myself to get out there an walk, once I have gotten 1/3 into it, I begin to feel better and so happy I took the time and made the effort to venture out. On the days I am feeling low mentally, I look for ways to encourage others, because seeing someone else smile, reading a private message saying I made a difference, lets me know I am on the right path, that HE has set me on.

So remember.. SMILE!.. Someone needs to see it, more than you know!

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